BosonVPS Mission Statement

1  BosonVPS’ mission statement is to be the leader in Virtual Private Servers on Linux and Windows operating systems. As the industry leader, we keep on top of the newest technologies, ensuring our clients have no problems in uptime, performance or reliability. To attain the goal, every partner and vendor is held at the same high standard we give to ourselves. We want and will exceed the expectations of our customers and be efficient in using automation, 24-7 customer support and easy to use tools. We want to get and keep superior customers around the world and in our backyard; people and companies who know and appreciate the support and service we provide.

  Operating System – We have an innovative infrastructure that’s made to be an independent platform and has the ability to handle a number of operating systems.
  3 Key VPS Hosting Benefits
  While there are many benefits to the VPS hosting, there are three primary benefits to using VPS hosting – regardless of it being a Linux VPS or a Windows VPS – such as:
- It’s inexpensive because the company gives all users a virtual server, which doesn’t cost the company a lot of money. Several units are arranged within one system.
- It’s very secure; no security breach threats have been discovered. Each user has his/her own server; a private separate virtual server, in fact.
- Users have the ability to add and remove applications on their server and can be remotely accessed.

Customer Service

Service Facts

  • 1 Hour Response
  • 99.99% Uptime SLA
  • No Bandwidth Overages
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Weekly Backups
  • Instant Activation

Hardware Facts

  • Enterprise Class Servers
  • RAID10 Storage
  • 2 Gigabit NIC
  • Hardware RAID
  • ECC Registered RAM
  • Redundant Power

Operating Systems

  • Ubuntu 10.04
  • Debian
  • FreeBSD 8.0/9.0
  • CentOS 5.4/5.5/6.0
  • Gentoo 201111
  • Windows Server 2008
Rapid Deployment

Rapid Deployment


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