100 Gigabyte Network

100 Gigabyte <span>Network</span>
Our high speed connection is assurance that clients get maximum performance and response time over the network. Location - Usa, Switzerland or Germany

Nearly 100% Uptime

Nearly 100% <span>Uptime</span>
The goal to our clients is to provide the upmost reliable web hosting. Our servers are located in premium data centers with a reliable network and a nearly 100 percent uptime.

Hardware Dependability

Hardware <span>Dependability</span>
We have the latest Intel server processors that include both quad-core processors and dual-core processors to ensure our client’s budget and performance is met and exceeded.

Customer Review

Steven Khaled, CEO
“BosonVPS assisted me with a specialized custom server when my company quickly grew out of its old, unable to hand the load system.”
Peter Bowyer
“BosonVPS is a reliable and supportive vps hosting company. After 3 years of throwing and search quality hosting services for a year as an ass here. I would recommend this hosting to others.”

About BosonVPS

About <span>BosonVPS</span>
Since 2011, BosonVPS has made its mark within the Web Hosting sector. Our staff is all in-house and we also operate our own infrastructures and networks. The company is dedicated to giving customers outstanding Semi-Managed Support, available 24-hours a day, seven-days a week. Within 30-minutes, 99 percent of our tickets are dealt with. BosonVPS employees and agents have years of experience and knowledge. And, every precaution in disaster planning is taken to keep enterprise level data and services secure. We have very affordable prices for virtualization without you sacrificing any quality at all. Each machine is has a limit of 15 VPS per node and a weekly VPS backup, which means all system issues are dealt with rapidly… regardless of what that issue is. BosonVPS is one of several subsidiaries that our IT group maintains, allowing us to keep providing our audience and clients with superior quality at inexpensive prices. A business that needs hosting needs can have a little peace of mind that our company, which has been in business since 2011, has IT experts and a powerful setup and considerable amount of monetary backing. Use Boson VPS to take your company’s hosting to a whole new level.